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Alexis Grace denied TARP bailout funds

March 18, 2009

Real shame here. If she lost the pink hair and could actually sing she might have made it. Oh well. Her performance to save herself was just awful. Maybe if she had slutted it up or something tonight Simon would have saved her. Live and learn. I’m looking for a real sexy remainder of the season from Megan. I believe she’s the only hot chick left.

Results posted here.


Got a complaint? Voice it and you shall receive

March 1, 2009


Andrew Gelles of Brighton, MA soon to be Natick, MA asks:

“Idol website has been lacking? No posts for Week 2?”

Well Andrew Gelles of Brighton, MA soon to be Natick, MA, sadly I don’t think that there is anything worth commenting on regarding week 2. It’s too early to really have any thoughts on the singers. They all seem just ok. The 16 year old chick with red hair sounds pretty good. But, we all know the way that works out. “you’re too young, you’re too inexperienced, blah blah blah.” She may linger until the finals a la David Archuletta, but I don’t think she’ll make it that far. I have her slated to be voted off in 6th place.

The only other thing I’ll mention is that new judge. She sucks. The show was perfectly fine without her. I want to know what producer she’s schtuping. No way she made it on any other way. And you can quote me on that.

P.S. I’m so dedicated to this blog that I’m mobile blogging from the airport in Cincinnati. So suck it Gelles.