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Season 8 Contestant Recap

May 20, 2009

In what is becoming a yearly tradition, I will now attempt to share my thoughts on each of the Season 8 contestants with you.  This is clearly not going to be my finest work, as I can barely remember what I had for dinner, never mind the names and something about each contestant.  As always, I’ll give it my best.  55%.

Starting at the bottom:

Jorge Nunez – We barely knew yee.  Initially it looked as though Jorge had what it takes to go the distance.  I’m not sure what happened here.  It’s possible that the entire Schneider family watched a YouTube clip of Jorge singing something so incredible that it forced us all to put him at the top.  Either way, he sucked, and probably deserved to get voted off first.

Jasmine Murray – I swear to God I’ve never seen this chick before.  I honestly have nothing to say about her as a person, performer, or anything.  She did manage to fuck up my pool though, as her and Jorge were voted off at the same time.

Alexis Grace – You sexy little bitch.  Did anyone happen to see her in those tight black pants tonight.  I think she was sneaky the hottest female contestant of the season.  And I’m not even sure she’s that bad of a singer.  Clearly better than at least one other female.  I think America got this one wrong.

Michael Sarver – When I first did my picks this year, I thought that Michael was the one whose wife had just died.  Because of this, I threw him some sympathy points, and had him slated to finish a bit higher than 10th.  Turns out, Michael’s wife is alive and healthy, and he’s just not that good.

Megan Corkrey – Apparently America decided Megan, arm tattoos and all, was the hot chick of the season.  It’s a shock she made it to number 9.  Although, now that I think about it, I think Carly Smithson (of season 7) had an arm tattoo and made it pretty far.  Maybe these are popular in middle America?

Scott MacIntyre – Scottyyyyy.  My Man.  A couple things about Scott.  First, if you just saw the guy on the street, no guide dog or anything, would you even know he was blind?  I don’t think so.  The kid moves just a little too well for a fully blind guy.  I’m guessing it’s like 95% blind.  Still, incredibly impressive this season.  Second, I think Scotty got a bad rap from a couple of the judges for rocking the piano every time.  Hmmm, it’s not like any successful musicians play their songs behind the piano.  That always pissed me off.  What’s he supposed to do?  MC Hammer style dances up there?

Lil Rounds – I discussed Lil at length this season, with such posts as “Syesha / Lil / Whitney.” Lil was ok, and she could sing, but no offense and no racial-ness at all here, (Editors note: I just deleted the rest of what I wrote here.  After I read it back, it read incredibly racist even though that wasn’t my intent, so I deleted it.  Now you’ll never know what I had to say about Lil.)

Anoop Dog – For some reason, I like Anoop’s vibe.  I thought he was a sharp dresser, and could sing reasonable well.  I think he made it about 1 spot too far.  But all in all, I think America got this one right.

Matt Giraud – Well, it seems like we’re getting on this trend where there’s a contestant that looks like Justin Timberlake, kind of sounds like him, but just really isn’t as good as him.  Unfortunately for Matt, he was doomed from the start, as people immediately connected him to JT.  JT is great.  Good singer, excellent performer, and suprisingly a talented sketch comedy actor (I suggest you watch this or this if you’re not sure what I’m talking about).  Matt is a good singer, but lacks everything else.  Still made it longer than I would have thought.

Allison Iraheta – Eh.  Allison never did it for me.  Maybe it was the fact that she’s 16.  Maybe it’s the red hair.  Maybe it’s the Janis Joplin but not as good as Janis Joplin voice.  I don’t know.  Something just wasn’t jiving here.  Oh, and did I mention that I think she could kick my ass?  Yeah, that’s a turnoff for me.

gokey4Danny Gokey – In addition to my Michael Sarver mix-up, I also had a slight Danny Gokey mix-up.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I thought Gokey was the blind guy.  Come on, doesn’t he look like he could be a blind guy?  No?  really?  Hmm.  Well, Gokey actually proved to be quite good.  Some would argue that it was he, not Kris, that should have been in the final.  I think I’m actually in that camp.  The final 2 people should be able to sing like a motherfucker.  Gokey had that.  I’d look for him to be pretty successful as a recording artist.

adam2elvisAdam Lambert – What can I say about Adam?  On a professional level, the kid is incredible.  It’s been well documented on this blog that certain Idol Pool members have scary obsessions with Adam (Gelles, I’m talking to you).  I’m just throwing this out there, but is it possible that Adam is the lovechild of Elaine Sandler and Elvis Presley?  Think about it.  It makes sense.  From a personal level, Adam will always be special to me.  It’s because of him that this blog has been visited well over 27,000 times this season.  The post with his pictures alone has seen just under 20,000 hits.  And yes, I’m an idiot, and didn’t make a penny off of it.  There’s this little company out there that lets you put ads on your site and get paid when people click them.  I never did it.  I’m an idiot.

And the 2009 American Idol, Kris Allen –  Totally improbable.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all if any/all of the following things happen:

1) Adam and Kris go out for a beer.  Adam kills Kris.

2) Kris and hot wife girl are divorced within 6 months.  As I discussed with Barry last night, normally I would have said 3 months, but since she’s hot I doubled it.

3) Kris never puts out an album (I think Ste suggested this)

4) Adam kills Kris.

5) Elaine kills Kris.

Well, that’s my season recap.  Hope you’ve enjoyed the pool/blog this year.  I’m planning on taking a hiatus from blogging for a few months.  Who knows when my next post will appear.  I guess you’ll just have to check back here every day to find out.

Oh, and as for the results, congratulations to Emily Reiff.  Emily wasn’t in the top five of the pool a single time this season until tonight.  Well guess what?  That’s all that matters.  Also, congrats to Elyssa Slater (2nd place) and to my wife, Elyssa, for coming in dead fucking last.  She’s a smart girl, she saw the writing on the wall early on that she wouldn’t be able to win back to back seasons.  So when that wasn’t an option, she decided to go for the next best thing…last place.  She’s like Ricky Bobby…”You’re either first or you’re last.”  Well done.

Till next season.



May 19, 2009

Well, it’s always said that every great mastermind always Always ALWAYS!!! has an ace up his sleeve.  A bomb that he can drop at any time that completely blows your mind. Dwight Eisenhower.  Issac Newton.  Da Vinci.  Peter the Great.  Gossip Girl.  They always saved something just in case.  Well, fortunately for you, I am no different.  All year long, I’ve been sitting on a gem.  A fucking gem!  I’m not usually one to wait on something this good.  It’s actually amazing to me that I was able to keep it in my pants this long.

So, without further adieu, I present you with my Ace Up the Sleeve.  My Fucking Gem.  Elaine Sandler.


Simon says….” Adam, you’re back in the game……” Say what!? He was never out! And the nerve of Simon commenting on Adam’s first song, “Mad World”, which was his best, which Simon said all along it was, and he critiques him about his long coat and the fog…PLEEEEEEEEASE! It doesn’t really matter tho, Simon et al. basically said “goodbye” to Kris at the end cause they all know Adam is the best; not only is Adam the best in this year’s competition, in my opinion (which you all know I always have one), he’s the best in all 9 yrs – other than maybe Carrie Underwood, but he sure has a way better personality than she does! One more thing about Simon…….it’s about time he covered up his boring T-Shirt……and dressed for the occasion!

Couple of thoughts…..Not only can’t Kris hold a candle to Adam, but what’s with his crooked mouth ??  He may be cute and all, but that mouth….ugh! and Adam’s so darn handsome – don’t care what side he’s on….Other reasons Adam should/must win….he nailed Kara’s song, “No Boundaries” (which was way too big for Kris), “Mad World”, and Sam Cook’s, “The Change is Gonna Come”….he could make a record from that, which I think was his best of the season! Randy agrees with me…..All in all, the judges summed it up well….”Randy – A+,  Kara – you’re Iconic, Paula – you’re the best, and Simon – you’re the most original contestant that we have ever had on this show.

Well………”That’s All Folks”……Oh, one more thing……..should we take bets on whether or not Simon will be back next year? (He says this is his last year)….Lee, set up a voting spot on your blog….would be interesting to see what our fellow players think……

AND REMEMBER…….VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE…..for Adam, of course!  :)) and if he doesn’t win, I may have to say farewell to AI forever….GOOD LUCK, ADAM!!  Love You………..

Your Faithful Lee Schneider fan, known as “Elaine”

…and, Lee, thanks for all your work on this blog, the laughs, creativity, and most of all, you!! Til  next year……………

There you have it.  The final Guest Blog of the year.  The Final Recap.  I like to think I saved my best for last.  In case you were wondering, here are the results scenarios.

If Kris Wins:

1st – Emily Reiff, 2nd – Elyssa Slater, Dead fucking last – Elyssa “Wife” Schneider

If Adam Wins:

1st/2nd – 2 way Tie (people to be named later), Dead fucking last – Elyssa “Wife” Schneider

If Adam wins, this would be the first tie in the history of the idol pool.  I’m really fucking nervous about this.  The tie would come down to the total number of votes for tomorrow night, as indicated in the Rules Book (Article VII, Section 2, Paragrah 3, Lines 12-14).  And I just looked at the votes submitted, and either person could nail it right on.  I suppose we could have the two people that tie decided in advance that they want to split the money, but that’s the pussy way out, and I won’t have any of that shit in my pool.  Go big or go home.  Splitting is for dutch dates and suckers.

TiVo Assisted Results Blog

May 13, 2009


10:36 About to start watching the results show.  Shocked no one has blown it for me yet.

10:37 Ben Stiller is an actor.  Bill Hader.  Also an actor.  Hank Azaria.  Actor/Bart Simpson.  Fat kid from Superbad.  Fatter than I remembered.  Hader and Superbad kid are hilarious.  Glad I didn’t FF this part.

10:39 FF through the judges.  Pretty sure we know who they are at this point.

10:39 FF right through those stupid Ford commercials.  Here’s how Ford should turn around their business.  Hmmm.  Let’s start by NOT spending a billion dollars a year on advertising on American Idol and maybe instead put that money into R & D.  Big fan of the Ford Fusion, but I’m not buying one.  Sorry.  Who is this chick on stage?  Who is this dude from Rowanda?  I’m confused.  See, TiVo isn’t all fun and games.  It’s confusing. And something tells me that’s not how kids in Rowanda dress.  Pretty sure they don’t have throwback Adidas sneakers.

10:42 Finally some results.  Gokey first to the stage. Did you see his lookalike that I posted yesterday?  SteGold took those pictures in case you give a shit.  Talk Talk Talk.  Let’s get to it.  FF through the trip bit.

10:44 Dim the lights.  Here we go.  Judges recap.  Yeah, Danny takes a seat.  No way anyone was going anywhere this soon.

10:45  Kris Allen.  Free cheese dip for life.  That’s something to give Gelles a hard on.  FF through the trip.  Judges recap.  Huge # of votes.  blah blah blah.  Take a seat buddy.

10:47 Jordan Sparks.  Let’s see how this goes.  I don’t like when they do new stuff.  I want to hear the shit that made them successful.  Giving this about 30 seconds.  Jordan looks good, if that’s your thing.  Funny that she was originally linked to Chris Brown.  FF.

10:49 Adam Lambert.  Not sure about the white suspenders and the Mr. Smee shirt.  FF though his trip.  Pretty sure that if I had to go “home” I wouldn’t be thanking Mr. Christiansen at good old SHS.

10:51 Dim the lights, here we go.  Judges recap.  My stomach is growling for some reason.  Adam has very white teeth.  To the couch you go.  FF.

10:52 88 million votes last night.  wow.  if that’s the case, how come only 2,000 people have visited this blog since last night?  Something doesn’t add up.  Katy Perry up.  She has huge boobs.  Think I’m gonna watch this whole performance.  Hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.  Not loving this song though.  I miss Vegas.  Due for a trip soon.  Been 11 months.  Too long.  Wonder how much flights are right now.  FF.

10:56  Finally.  Dim the lights.  Here we go.  Kris!!!  I love his wife.  I think she has fake contacts lenses with dollar signs on them.  Pretty sure I just saw that.

10:57  Danny or Adam.  I’m saying America fucked up.

10:58  Adam!!!!  I was really worried that it was going to be Gokey.  That would have been crazy.

10:58  Quick Gokey recap on TV.  Pretty psyched for the finale next week.  Think there couldn’t be too more opposite singers.  Should be really interesting.  Was just about to fast forward and TiVo cut out.  Damn you TiVo.  not that I wanted to watch Gokey sing again, but I mean really.  The fucking thing cut out last year on the finale, and I won’t let that happen again!

11:00 Your results are coming shortly.  Chiiiillllll.  24 minutes start to finish.  Not bad.


Get your Results here!

Just a couple comments on the results:

1) Nice moves in the pool this week by Amy Schneider (-45), Ruth Rivard (-28), and Jess Miller (-16).  Really nailed the Gokey pick.

2) I’ve crunched the numbers.  I’ve run every possible results secnario.  If people want me to post the possible outcomes, please vote in the poll below.  I’ll make my decision on Friday.

Guest Blog: The Leap

April 21, 2009

gellesnunAndrew Gelles here, doing the guest-blogging thing, trying to help a friend out and get the Idol recap to you.

After saving Matt Giraud last week, Simon threw the hammer down that two people would be eliminated this week, disco week! It was apparent right away that the Fox producers realized that there was some anger that the show was running long every week, so we dispensed with “guest-mentor” and intros and got right to the singing. Thank goodness! (P.S. The show still ran 90 seconds over)

So without further ado, tonight’s re-cap….

-Lil Rounds kicked things off singing Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman”, and let’s just say, it was not good. Why did we all think Lil was going to take this thing by storm a couple months back? Lil clearly peaked in the Top 36 round and is only around because she is just barely better than the competition that has been eliminated in the past few weeks. One other thing, why is Lil the only one who feels the need to defend herself after she gets trashed by the judges? Take it like a pro and hope for the best. No one won Idol by begging for it.

-Kris Allen went second and sang his version of “She Works Hard for the Money”. There is a point during the Top 12 round when everyone who ends up becoming a success makes what I call “The Leap”. By this point, everyone is at least good. At some point, you have to be great. Tonight Kris Allen was great. I don’t know if someone else has done this version before or not, but I loved it and thought it stood alone as the best performance of the night (Take that Lambert-ites!) Kris made great use of a Disco theme that didn’t fit his strengths and hit a home run.
Paula, of course, needed to make a metaphor, that just led to an awkward exchange about cross-dressing. (Editor’s Note: Did you see the prior post with the latest Adam Lambert Drag Picture?) To me, the best part of Idol is watching Simon’s face when Paula is talking, because he doesn’t understand what she is saying either.

-Danny Gokey sang next with EW&F’s “September”. It was average at best. I’ve heard better versions at weddings. The judges all loved him and Simon brought everyone back down to reality when he said it was good, but lacked star-power.
Speaking of Simon, I can’t stand the fact that he gets booed every week. He is the only one who tells it like it is and he gets zero respect on the show. Can you think of another game-show (yes, Idol is a gameshow, get over it) where the host gets booed every week? Imagine if the crowd booed Alex Trebek every time someone got an answer wrong on Jeopardy. Blows my mind.
Back to Tuesday….

-Alison….sang something I don’t remember. I liked it though and am bothered that she is so young yet is wearing tight leather. She looked good though. Reminds me a bit of Pink. The judges “didn’t like the song, but liked it.” (Re-watch, that’s essentially what they said.) Simon was right on the money….brilliant performance.

-Adam Lambert, back in the suit, trying to counteract any effect the cross-dressing pics might have on his image. Who cares dude? Elton John cross-dressed, so did Bowie and Jagger. Lambert has this thing locked up and is in an entirely different league than everyone else. It’s almost not fair. I don’t even remember what he sang, I just remember being mesmerized. P.S. His primal screams occasionally freak me out.

-Matt Giraud must have been obligated to sing “Stayin’ Alive” this week, right? The song was OK, not great. I am still amazed the judges used their save on someone even they are metze-metze on.

-Anoop, your beard really brought out your huge eyebrows (which I didn’t notice until this week). Oh, and Don Johnson called, he needs his suit back for a Miami Vice re-shoot. Shouldn’t a song called “Dance the Night Away” make me want to dance? I was not moved.

Lil and Anoop are gone this week. Nice to know ya. Hope you enjoyed the guest blog….comments are welcome, what did you think of the singers this week? Did you notice Motley Crue’s Vince Neil in the audience?

Ehhy Oh Oh Ehhy

April 14, 2009

sylvio-danteOhhhhhh.  Ehhhy.  Ehhhyyyyy.

Anytime that Fox goes ahead and drops this much star power on one show, you need to have high aspirations.  I’ll be quick with my recap, as I have much more pressing things to determine, which you can find below.

Allison – OK, still prefer Aerosmith on that one.  Simon was right, she’s the only girl left that has a shot of cracking the top 3.

Anoop Dog – Bottom 3.  I’d bet my Wife on it.  And what’s up with the jacket?  It was like a varsity jacket, but a sport coat.  That was lost on me, and I just bought a pair of old school Reebok Pumps, so I’m fairly open minded.  For some reason Kara & Randy enjoyed this one.  Kara is hot.

Adam – Everyone else must feel so fucking inadequate.  They must just be shitting themselves and praying they go before him.

Matt –  Bottom 3.  Forgetable this week.  Unless the contestants are blind, I think they should shy way from the piano for the rest of the competition.

Danny Gokey – Simon has this one right.  Just disappointing.  Not enough to give the guy the boot, but I was bored.  Love the Miami Vice rolled up sport coat sleeves though.

Kris – I’m starting to think that Kris is the only one that can really give Adam a run for his money.  He’s good, his wife is cute.  Tender.  Just so tender.  Randy didn’t like it.  Kara loved it.  Proving again that’s she’s hot.

Lil – Writing this before watching her –  Bottom 3.  I just don’t think she’s got a following anymore.  OK, now I’m watching.  Yup, I was right.  I think she’s going home.  Simon had it right again.

P.S. Idol needs to get their shit together.  I missed Lil going off on Simon.  That’s just unacceptable.


This next video is what really has me up in arms.  I’m calling bull shit, but who knows.  If you read the comments after the video, people are in tears and shit.  I don’t get it.  So watch the video, come back here, and vote in my poll.  If you don’t, I’ll know, and I’ll send Silvo after your ass.


Unintentional Guest Blogger / Motown Night Recap

March 25, 2009

Unfortunately I haven’t made it all the way though Idol tonight.  The Wife and I were getting our culture on and taking in a play at the BU Theatre on Huntington Ave.  “Two Men of Florence” was a real delight.

You can imagine my excitement when I came home to an email from Idol Veteran Beth Schwartz (pictured on the right here and here) who had submitted her thoughts on tonight’s show.  So, without further adieu, I present the Motown Night Recap by our resident Gyno Dr. Bethy. (I haven’t even read what Beth wrote, so if you find her more offensive than me, too bad.)

I know that I have NO right to make blog-like comments, but nonetheless here are my thoughts on tonight’s show (I needed to do something to stay awake):

1) Are they giving all the guests Paula happy pills? First that creepy country guy and now Smokey Robinson have been freakishly, over-druggedly nice to ALL the contestants
2) I think Paula is wearing her prom dress from 1984
3) Did they really need to have 2 of the exact same people (except that Matt is cooler) in the top 13?
4) Can’t exactly blame Scott, but who dressed him tonight?? Austin Powers? I hate him
5) I heart Megan, despite her bizarro performance and Fisher Price necklace
6) Maybe it’s because my mom told me last week that he reminds her of Ramin … but Anoop made me hot for the 2nd week in a row (however, I lose my buzz every time they show his uber-conservative parents)
7) Didn’t Michael learn last week that singing “off the cuff” wasn’t the best choice for him?
8 ) It’s a major dilemma over whom I hate more: Michael or Scott. I think I hate Scott more (NEVER would have made it if he wasn’t visually impaired) but think he’s going to stick around for awhile longer because of the mother/grandmother vote
8 ) I’m bored … Kara’s hair is pretty. So is her shirt. I would kiss her.
9) Smokey, that “singing the phonebook” comment about Lil is totally and utterly unique. Wherever did you come up with it?
10) Thank goodness the only black singer in the competition paid tribute to the history of Motown Week
11) Lil has just as good a voice as Melinda Doolittle, but she blissfully doesn’t make the same faces or bobbing head movements
12) I was slightly distracted by all of Lil’s dangly things
13) Was Adam dressing to try to steal some of Scott’s crowd tonight?? Alternatively, was he auditioning for Grease?? Granted, it was a total 180 from his freaky, flaming performance from last week, but I think they can see through him. Incidentally, HD is NOT an optimal way to take a good look at his face.
14) How come no one mentioned that Danny just flat out ignored Smokey’s recommendation?
15) Is 16-year-old Hispanic Allison 16 the same way that Hispanic Little Leaguers and El Duque are their stated ages??

OK, that’s all. Bedtime for me. Feel free to pass off any of my awesome comments as your own. Btw, did you know that Colon “Jack” Bauer just got engaged? He was tempted to play by the Lee-and-Elyssa school of mawwage and wait another 9 years, but then he changed his mind.


May 22, 2008

Yup, turns out it’s David Cook. I normally sing the praises of TiVo, but this time the old girl let me down. Forget to extend a live recording once, shame on me. Forget to extend a live recording twice, shame on TiVo. Should have figured this one out on it’s own. The blogosphere is going to be buzzing tonight. Oh well. On to the show.

Pretty good finale show. Lots of good performances. I thought this one was pretty funny:

Thought the best duet was Carly and Michael Johns. She should have finished much higher, and he’s not too bad either. There were a few people I forgot about in the Top 12. David Hernandez, Amanda Ugly, and Ramielle. Could have done without ever seeing them again. David Hernandez reminds me of these dudes:

Want to make sure I touch on everyone here. George Michael, George Michael Bluth and Boy George. I always get them confused.

Brooke is really just a terrible dancer. She gives Elaine a run for her money.

Chikeze is still the man. Definitely didn’t have the stuff to go the distance, and I’m not sure he would have made it this far in any other season, but I like him, and Elyssa likes him, so that’s all that really matters. Kristy Lee Cook. What can be said? She’s hot, not a great singer, and clearly got by on her middle America / hot chick thing. However! Compare her to Carrie Underwood, and really there isn’t any comparison. Carrie is also the hot, middle America girl, except she’s really hot, can really sing, and wears coats as shirts. Amen to that.

Syesha was pretty good. I still think she’s more of a middle of the pack girl. She did bring her stuff at the end, but I would have swapped Carly for her. I think that would have been a better fit. But, I’ve shared what doomed Carly in an earlier post. And finally Jason Castro. Dude. I’d probably try to illegally download his album. I don’t think I’d go out of my way to buy it, but if it happened to come across my desktop, well, who am I to turn it down.

Finally, on to David 1 and David 2. While watching the show tonight, prior to being told who won, I was thinking that David Cook CLEARLY was the better of the two. Every time they sang, Cook was just that much better. David A is good, real good, but I think he’ll be a bigger hit with the teenie bopper girls and the Josh Groban crowd. Who know who you are (stegold)! Well, 12 million more people voted for David Cook than David A. Suck it David A’s dad. It annoyed me that he wore a hat every night. You know you’re going to be on TV in front of 50 million people. Lose the hat.

With that I leave you with the results and a pool recap.

Pool Top 10:
1. Koretz, Elyssa
2. Whitney, Jeff
3. Gelles, Jess
4. Gelles, Gelles
5. Whitney, Merrie
6. Lewitt, Mike
7. Greenstein, Barry
8. Koretz, Ellen
9. Kaufman, Lesley
10. Gold, Ste

Pool Bottom 10:

36. Bornstein, Ruth
37. Reiff, Emily
38. Hulbert, Katie
39. Grosser, Jeff
40. Canlas, Joel
40. Schneider, Marcia
42. Sandler, Elaine
43. Green, Lynn
44. Schneider, Amy
45. Gold, Judy

As an interesting side note, 40% of the Bottom 10 are my blood relatives. 0% of the Top 10. That’s some good genetics. Also, nice job by Amy putting David Cook in 12th place. That worked out.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the pool this year. I had a lot of fun writing the blog. Stay tuned for the 2009 American Idol pool. Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, cell mates, whomever!

And I almost forgot! Congratulations to Elyssa and Jeff Whitney! Well done. Jeff, I’ll have your winnings ready for you. Elyssa, I already spent yours. Sorry.

Finale Recap and Prediction

May 21, 2008

So the Finale last night wasn’t that great. It’s really a toss up. Last week I was convinced that the producers were against Archuletta. This week, it seemed to be the exact oposite. The judges were basically giving the thing to Archulleta from the start. At one point, I think I saw Paula reach out and smack his ass.

My prediction:
David Archuletta wins
Total of 72.5 million votes

For a great recap of last night, check this out: Did David Cook Cost Me The Championship Last Night?

Couldn’t agree more. Bad song choice for Cook. He did himself in. Who knows, maybe there’s more value in coming in second place. (Justin Guarini, Clay Aiken, Diana DeGarmo, Bo Bice, Katharine McPhee, Blake Lewis

Weeks 1 & 2 Recap

March 28, 2008

Two weeks have passed, and I honestly can’t even remember who the first two people voted off were. Obviously they sucked.

Upon further research, it turns out David Hernandez got the boot first. Followed by that freaky looking chick Amanda. Who knew?

Anyway, weeks 1 & 2 were totally owned by Gelles. Good for him. The little guy could use a victory.