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My Predictions Were Correct!

April 1, 2009

asteriskNow before you all come jumping down my throat about how that’s not what I said would happen, take a second look at the Prediction post from last night.  Go ahead.  Take a look.  A little closer.  A littttttlllleee closer.  There you go.  See that ASTERISK there, yeah, that one.  Yeah, go ahead and click on that.  Nice work.

Yeah, you didn’t really think that I thought Adam, Danny & Kris were the bottom 3, did you?  And you didn’t really think that Adam was going to be voted off in 9th place, did you?  Yeah, neither did I.  And since I was too lazy last night to create some crazy web of blog posts where I secretly hid my real predictions, you’ll have to take my word that I had Anoop, Allison & Megan in the bottom 3, with Megan getting the boot.

So whilst my usual April Fool’s shenanigans on the Wife were foiled this year (past plots involved re-setting all the house clocks to force people to get up and get ready in the middle of the night and putting a rubber band around the sprayer on the faucet), I was at least able to dupe a few of you Idolers into thinking I’d lost my mind.  Pretty good p-p-p-poker face, poker face, huh?

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