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TiVo Assisted Results Blog

May 13, 2009


10:36 About to start watching the results show.  Shocked no one has blown it for me yet.

10:37 Ben Stiller is an actor.  Bill Hader.  Also an actor.  Hank Azaria.  Actor/Bart Simpson.  Fat kid from Superbad.  Fatter than I remembered.  Hader and Superbad kid are hilarious.  Glad I didn’t FF this part.

10:39 FF through the judges.  Pretty sure we know who they are at this point.

10:39 FF right through those stupid Ford commercials.  Here’s how Ford should turn around their business.  Hmmm.  Let’s start by NOT spending a billion dollars a year on advertising on American Idol and maybe instead put that money into R & D.  Big fan of the Ford Fusion, but I’m not buying one.  Sorry.  Who is this chick on stage?  Who is this dude from Rowanda?  I’m confused.  See, TiVo isn’t all fun and games.  It’s confusing. And something tells me that’s not how kids in Rowanda dress.  Pretty sure they don’t have throwback Adidas sneakers.

10:42 Finally some results.  Gokey first to the stage. Did you see his lookalike that I posted yesterday?  SteGold took those pictures in case you give a shit.  Talk Talk Talk.  Let’s get to it.  FF through the trip bit.

10:44 Dim the lights.  Here we go.  Judges recap.  Yeah, Danny takes a seat.  No way anyone was going anywhere this soon.

10:45  Kris Allen.  Free cheese dip for life.  That’s something to give Gelles a hard on.  FF through the trip.  Judges recap.  Huge # of votes.  blah blah blah.  Take a seat buddy.

10:47 Jordan Sparks.  Let’s see how this goes.  I don’t like when they do new stuff.  I want to hear the shit that made them successful.  Giving this about 30 seconds.  Jordan looks good, if that’s your thing.  Funny that she was originally linked to Chris Brown.  FF.

10:49 Adam Lambert.  Not sure about the white suspenders and the Mr. Smee shirt.  FF though his trip.  Pretty sure that if I had to go “home” I wouldn’t be thanking Mr. Christiansen at good old SHS.

10:51 Dim the lights, here we go.  Judges recap.  My stomach is growling for some reason.  Adam has very white teeth.  To the couch you go.  FF.

10:52 88 million votes last night.  wow.  if that’s the case, how come only 2,000 people have visited this blog since last night?  Something doesn’t add up.  Katy Perry up.  She has huge boobs.  Think I’m gonna watch this whole performance.  Hoping for a wardrobe malfunction.  Not loving this song though.  I miss Vegas.  Due for a trip soon.  Been 11 months.  Too long.  Wonder how much flights are right now.  FF.

10:56  Finally.  Dim the lights.  Here we go.  Kris!!!  I love his wife.  I think she has fake contacts lenses with dollar signs on them.  Pretty sure I just saw that.

10:57  Danny or Adam.  I’m saying America fucked up.

10:58  Adam!!!!  I was really worried that it was going to be Gokey.  That would have been crazy.

10:58  Quick Gokey recap on TV.  Pretty psyched for the finale next week.  Think there couldn’t be too more opposite singers.  Should be really interesting.  Was just about to fast forward and TiVo cut out.  Damn you TiVo.  not that I wanted to watch Gokey sing again, but I mean really.  The fucking thing cut out last year on the finale, and I won’t let that happen again!

11:00 Your results are coming shortly.  Chiiiillllll.  24 minutes start to finish.  Not bad.


Get your Results here!

Just a couple comments on the results:

1) Nice moves in the pool this week by Amy Schneider (-45), Ruth Rivard (-28), and Jess Miller (-16).  Really nailed the Gokey pick.

2) I’ve crunched the numbers.  I’ve run every possible results secnario.  If people want me to post the possible outcomes, please vote in the poll below.  I’ll make my decision on Friday.


Gokey, Kanye, Idol Gives Back

May 12, 2009

Quick Run Down of the show:

Danny, Song 1 (no idea what song this was) – fair at best

Danny, Song 2, You Are So Beautiful – I was unmoved.  The Judges loved it.

Kris, Song 1, Apologize by One Republic – I really liked it.  Thought it was just as good as the original.  Judges disagreed.

Kris, Song 2, Heartless by Kanye West – wow, i thought this was awesome.  holy shit.  I actually don’t like this song in it’s original form (maybe it’s because Kanye can’t really sing?).  Thought this was about 1,000 times better.  I think this song put him in the Top 2.  Judges agree.

Adam, Song 1, One by U2 – Starts at a crazy advantage just by the song Simon chose.  I thought he killed it.  Great job.  Clearly the front runner.

Adam, Song 2, Crying by Aerosmith – The boy is good.  I think he did Steven Tyler’s new neighbors proud.  Killed it again.

By the way, who says this blog doesn’t provide fresh, cutting edge, breaking news content?  Yeah, I didn’t think anyone said that.  Well, just in case there are a couple thousand naysayers out there, how about these Danny Gokey lookalike pictures to blow your mind.  Yeah, the guy in these pictures better hope Gokey stays on the show a little longer, otherwise his gig in the karoke bars of New York is going to be up.  Actually, he should pack up his act.  Gokey is gone this week.  The first song killed him.

Finally, just one comment on the little Idol Gives back segment featuring Carrie Underwood.  She’s hot.  Good day.

Live Blogging (tivo assisted) the Shit out of the show tonight!

May 5, 2009



9:35 and that concludes the first annual katie comes to boston american idol cinco de mayo swine flu live blog of american idol.  thanks for reading (did anyone read?)  group photo coming soon!

9:34  unofficial poll: jess miller – danny is gone.  wife – kris.  ste – kris.  amy – kris.  katie – kris but hopes it’s danny.  lee – allison.  I’m taking the underdog.  50-1 odds.  that could never win.

9:33  there’s about to be a riot here.  ste screwed up the tivo recording.  cue the “serves ste right” comments.

9:31 Judges Reactions.  randy = yo.  yo.  you guys are rockstars.  that was the bomb.  kara = rock god, rock goddess.  paula = arh arh arh.  perfect marriage.  something tells me a marriage between these two might not work.  simon = you win the show tonight.   tivo just cut out.  ste gold is about to be thrown off the balcony.

9:29  Allison & Adam. “Slow Ride.”  Nope.  Not going to work.  It’s Dazed & Confused or nothing for me on this one.  Katie things Adam’s tight pants are hot.  So does Ste.  I think it’s going to be a slow ride to the bottom 1 for Allison.  Adam just touched his junk.  Jess Miller thinks they should sing Meatloaf.

9:28 murmors that Kris is going to be gone.  Danny doesn’t think he was as bad as the judges thought.  sweet vest.

9:25 Judges reactions. Randy =  it was alright for me.  A+ for the effort.  Kara = i’m 38 and hot.  Paula = i don’t know if this was the right song for you.  simon = last not was like watching a horror movie.  good day.

9:20 Danny doing “Dream On.”  Ste thinks it’s one of the best songs ever.  That’s from the same guy that has a Britney Spears poster still hanging on his wall.  The girls are up in arms that he’s wearing his wedding ring.  Amy just got a tweet from Pete Bouchard.  She’s most excited.  Danny bringing it at the end.  paula almost just popped a boob out.

9:17 Ryan – “you’re far too rich to have ice for lunch.”  simon – “it’s made with mineral water”

9:15 judges reactions. randy = for me, i appreciate something.  he loved the guitar.  kara = for me, not a great performance.  paula = kind of risky to do beatles.  stopped listening to her a minute ago.  simon = didn’t like.  like eating ice for lunch.  ahhahaha.  the british are so funny.

9:13  we don’t think this is going well. Ste says Karaoke.  Jess says “no artistry.”  Ste can’t believe barry ditched this party.

9:12 Kris doing “Come Together”  looking forward to this.  Amy says the song makes her emotional.  whatever that means.

9:11 and we’re back.  had a little angel food cake and strawberries for dessert.  good stuff. Kris up next. during the break Jess Miller wanted to know what Twiiter was all about.

9:00 we’re taking a break.  dessert time.

8:58 judges reactions.  randy = loved the harmonies.  kara = sum of the parts better.  paula = powerful.  simon = danny better than kris.  majority here disagrees.

8:57 girls (and ste) think Kris is doing better than Danny.  I think they’re both doing well.  Don’t think Allison and Adam are going to be able to match this one.  Wonder what the ramifications of that are.  Ste thinks Kris won the battle.  Jess doesn’t think it’s a battle.

8:56 first duet in Idol history.  just so happy i’m here to see it.  Kris & Danny.  or is that ste?

8:55 has anyone texted the word vote?  just cracked a corona.

8:53 Katie reminding everyone that Allison said “it’s not like I sit at home and cut my wrists”.

8:51 judges reactions.  randy = no good for him for me for him, kara = are you nervous?, paula = you’re fearless (editors note – huh?), Simon = liked it.  maybe trying a bit too hard to sound like the original.  interesting.  3 no’s and an ok.

8:50 ste likes allison.  i don’t.  we’ll see what the judges say.

8:47  consensus is allison looks gross.

8:45 judges reactions.  ste loves kara.  kara has a sick poof.  paula claps like a seal.  paula bout to pop a titty out.  they all love adam.  simon tells it like it is.  one of his favorite performances.  no one can top that.

8:44 ste is unsure what the song is.  his face scares jess miller.  pretty good.  his haircut reminds me of todd from Wedding Crashers.

8:41 the girls are discussing why Allison looks so skinny?  is it the stress?  is it the anorexia?  adam sings first for change.  that’s nice.

8:40 Jess just said she’s dressed like fantasia barino.  what do you think?photo-29

8:38 the show must go on. so must the blog.  people think they can blog better and more grammatically correct than me.  fuck them.  jess miller just said she loves duets.

8:35 adam def in the bottom 3 last week.

8:34 swine flu in da house photo-28

8:31 Katie gives a speech. Discussing whether Adam was in fact the bottom 3 last week.  People up in arms about how the picks had to be made.

8:29 About to Dim the Lights.  There are swine flu masks available here.

8:20 still eating, but we’re now discussing the finer details of enemas.  Just great conversation.  someone just asked how does the water not come out your mouth?  indeed.  how?

8:15 still eating dinner.  ste just tried on his new glasses.  he looks like danny gokey.  picture coming.  jess miller in da house now.

8:05 Nobody we know watches any TV live.  Times listed will not correspond to Idol performances.  We watch when we want to watch and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. –SG

7:59 SteGold here taking over the live blog.  We have some homemade margaritas made by Amy for Cinco de Mayo.  We have dozens of surgical masks to keep the swine flu to ourselves.  We have sweaty recently-yoga’d guests.  And we have no fewer than four RSVPd individuals who either forgot, got “sick,” or are out drinking with other friends.  Hell of a party. –SG

7:57 On the phone with Gelles.  he thinks swine flu.  not coming.  party down to 6. –LS

7:52 Wife just said she almost choked on a lettuce sushi roll in high school.  awesome. –LS

7:47 Just got to SteGold’s house.  We got Ste, Amy, Wife & an out of town appearance by Katie Hulbert. –LS