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Always suspect the husband first

April 24, 2008

In every great murder mystery, you ALWAYS suspect the husband had something to do with it. American Idol is no different. For the first 2 months of the show, whenever Carly’s husband was on camera, it was from afar, with dim lighting, not for more than 1/1000 of a second. Carly sails through each week, and looks like a clear Top 3 contestant.

HOWEVER (!!!!), last night, they had a full on shot of the husband, well lit, for all of America to see. And do you know what happened next? The public blew my predictions out of the water, threw Syesha and Carly in the bottom 2, and sent Carly packing back to the land of Guinness and leprechauns. Oh well.

Since Elyssa is out of the country, we have a slight rules infraction.

The rules of the pool clearly state in section 72, line 14, paragraph A: “A pool participant must be in the US in order to be rightfully entitled to hold first place. Should a pool participant be out of the US when he/she attains first place status, the place will be awarded to the person next in the standings. Should that person be out of the US, the first place status will be awarded down the standings, until someone in the US holds the position.”

As such, congratulations to Jeff Whitney, who currently holds First Place.

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