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Unintentional Guest Blogger / Motown Night Recap

March 25, 2009

Unfortunately I haven’t made it all the way though Idol tonight.  The Wife and I were getting our culture on and taking in a play at the BU Theatre on Huntington Ave.  “Two Men of Florence” was a real delight.

You can imagine my excitement when I came home to an email from Idol Veteran Beth Schwartz (pictured on the right here and here) who had submitted her thoughts on tonight’s show.  So, without further adieu, I present the Motown Night Recap by our resident Gyno Dr. Bethy. (I haven’t even read what Beth wrote, so if you find her more offensive than me, too bad.)

I know that I have NO right to make blog-like comments, but nonetheless here are my thoughts on tonight’s show (I needed to do something to stay awake):

1) Are they giving all the guests Paula happy pills? First that creepy country guy and now Smokey Robinson have been freakishly, over-druggedly nice to ALL the contestants
2) I think Paula is wearing her prom dress from 1984
3) Did they really need to have 2 of the exact same people (except that Matt is cooler) in the top 13?
4) Can’t exactly blame Scott, but who dressed him tonight?? Austin Powers? I hate him
5) I heart Megan, despite her bizarro performance and Fisher Price necklace
6) Maybe it’s because my mom told me last week that he reminds her of Ramin … but Anoop made me hot for the 2nd week in a row (however, I lose my buzz every time they show his uber-conservative parents)
7) Didn’t Michael learn last week that singing “off the cuff” wasn’t the best choice for him?
8 ) It’s a major dilemma over whom I hate more: Michael or Scott. I think I hate Scott more (NEVER would have made it if he wasn’t visually impaired) but think he’s going to stick around for awhile longer because of the mother/grandmother vote
8 ) I’m bored … Kara’s hair is pretty. So is her shirt. I would kiss her.
9) Smokey, that “singing the phonebook” comment about Lil is totally and utterly unique. Wherever did you come up with it?
10) Thank goodness the only black singer in the competition paid tribute to the history of Motown Week
11) Lil has just as good a voice as Melinda Doolittle, but she blissfully doesn’t make the same faces or bobbing head movements
12) I was slightly distracted by all of Lil’s dangly things
13) Was Adam dressing to try to steal some of Scott’s crowd tonight?? Alternatively, was he auditioning for Grease?? Granted, it was a total 180 from his freaky, flaming performance from last week, but I think they can see through him. Incidentally, HD is NOT an optimal way to take a good look at his face.
14) How come no one mentioned that Danny just flat out ignored Smokey’s recommendation?
15) Is 16-year-old Hispanic Allison 16 the same way that Hispanic Little Leaguers and El Duque are their stated ages??

OK, that’s all. Bedtime for me. Feel free to pass off any of my awesome comments as your own. Btw, did you know that Colon “Jack” Bauer just got engaged? He was tempted to play by the Lee-and-Elyssa school of mawwage and wait another 9 years, but then he changed his mind.