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**UPDATE** It’s On!

March 6, 2009

So the Top 12 13 is set.  It’s time to get down to business.  A few items to take care of before we can get to having some fun:

  1. Sign-up for the pool, sign your friends up for the pool, sign everyone you know up for the pool.  Hell, I don’t care if you sign-up people you  don’t know.  Send them here, and make sure they do it.  Hold a gun to their head.  I don’t care, just get them in.
  2. I received a threatening email last night about the scoring system.  It’s the same as last year…deal with it.  Lowest points wins.  Very simple: (your rank – actual finish) squared.  You’re rewarded for accuracy, and get screwed for making bad picks.  Tie breaker is the total number of votes for the Finale show.  I don’t think last year’s winner had any problems with the scoring system.
  3. The Sign-up and Pick deadline will be 1 hour before the show next week.  I believe the show is on Tuesday at 8pm, Eastern time.  SO, for those of you that can’t/won’t do math, you must have your picks in by 7pm, Eastern time, on Tuesday, March 10.

For those of you still reading, if you’ve already signed up for the pool, please make your picks here.  If you haven’t signed up, go here, then here.  Or just use the links on the right side of the page.

If you need to do some research on the contestants, check out or just go to youtube and search for something like “American Idol”

**UPDATE** I realize I neglected to share what the payouts would be this year.  Well, there were two good reasons for that.  1) I hadn’t figured it out when I first made this post, and 2) I just assumed that either me or my new wife (send gifts) would win, so the payout wouldn’t matter.  However, in the rare situation where this isn’t the case, the payouts will be as follows:

1st Place = 80%

2nd Place = 15%

Dead last = 5%



February 20, 2009


So on day 1 of launching the 2009 Idol Pool, the blog had 126 hits, a new all time record. Yesterday, 28 hits. Today, 7. Yet somehow, only 34 people have signed up for the pool (35 if you count Jess Gelles signing up twice).

What the hell is that about? Get off your ass, move around…motion creates emotion. Tell me you don’t like my firm. Tell me you don’t like my idea. Tell me you don’t like my fucking neck tie. But don’t tell me you can’t find a couple friends that want to be in the pool.

Get some people signed up for this thing. I’m not kidding. If we don’t crack 100 people in the pool I might just shut it down and privately blog about Idol for my own well being. And trust me, I’d be no worse off. I happen to find myself really funny.

Official Launch of 2009 Idol Pool!

February 17, 2009

Dear Friends, Enemies, Family, Co-workers, Mistresses, etc,

Today, with the first showing of the final 36, I’m launching the 2009 American Idol Pool.

You’ll notice a lot has changed since May when America crowned David Archuletta Cook as the 2008 American Idol. George W Bush Barack Obama is  President. I’m still not married I got married (please send gifts if you haven’t already – The stock market is roaring sucks.  And Finally, The Idol Pool has a new website (…I think it’s awesome.

We’re getting all high-tech this year.  You’ll be able to sign-up for the pool online.  You’ll be able to cast your picks online.  And, continuing what was moderately successful last year, I’ll be posting to this blog on a weekly basis, if not more.  Who knows, we may even have some guest bloggers participate.

So, without further delay, please click here or at the top right of the page where it says “Sign up for the 2009 Idol Pool Here!!” and get your ass involved.  Tell everyone and anyone you know who might want to be in the pool.  Just send them to the blog to signup.

2009 Pool Coming Soon!

January 5, 2009

Stay tuned for details. Tell your friends and family.