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Someone Call ELAINE!!!!!

May 20, 2009




Prediction / Thoughts

March 31, 2009

bugs-bunny-foreverFor a brief moment during the show, I thought this blog was just about going to write itself.  I could barely contain my excitement.  Unfortunately, the judges Bugs Bunnied my ass, so then I had to sit here and think of something else to blog about.  So, I figured I’d share a few thoughts and then make my predictions for tomorrow night.

First, I have no idea who got voted off last week.  That usually means they should have been gone long ago.  Second, Simon never claps.  He clapped for Danny Gokey.  That has to mean something, right?  Third, as much as I don’t value what Kara says, she is a real treat to look at.  Next to that crack whore Paula, it’s like putting Giselle next to Bridget Moynihan.  Just a different league.  Fourth, I think when the judges watch back the show, they’ll realize that Allison’s dress didn’t have as much impact as they thought.  Fifth, I don’t get why Matt was practically in the audience being swarmed by teenie boppers.  Finally, there’s such a clejackbauerar line between the top and bottom of the remaining contestants, they may as well just vote like 5 people off tomorrow night, make the show only another 4 weeks, and change “24” to like “36”, and see if Jack Bauer can make an additional 12 hours without taking a shit.

Prediction for 4/1*

Bottom 3 – Adam, Danny, Kris

Voted off  – Adam

A couple things…

March 26, 2009

Read this: Your Questions Answered

Deadbeat list:

  1. Leslie Rivera  – who the hell are you?  Google returned over 2 million hits, so sadly, I think Leslie will be removed from the pool.  She will forever be in our hearts.
  2. Several people, who I will not mention here, narrowly missed being named on the deadbeat list.  Last minute phone calls, emails, and checks saved your asses.

After a thourough audit, coincidentally done by the same people that AIG and Lehman Brothers had been using, I am happy to announce that the pool is financially sound.  Your money is safe, having been invested in an FDIC insured shoebox under my bed.  I have 3 guard dogs watching it at all times.

Alexis Grace denied TARP bailout funds

March 18, 2009

Real shame here. If she lost the pink hair and could actually sing she might have made it. Oh well. Her performance to save herself was just awful. Maybe if she had slutted it up or something tonight Simon would have saved her. Live and learn. I’m looking for a real sexy remainder of the season from Megan. I believe she’s the only hot chick left.

Results posted here.

Bird Bird Bird, Bird is the Word

March 17, 2009

simonbirdSimon apparently loves America as much as we love him


March 11, 2009

I’ll get everything posted tomorrow morning.  In the meantime, check out the right side of the blog for the top and bottom of the pool.  Clearly this is the year where being dead last is way cooler than winning.  Like a badge of honor.  Could be the first time that the reigning champ comes in dead last.  Wow.


March 11, 2009

Lee’s American Idol Pool has been hacked.  This means not much at all, except that someone is smart enough to guess his password!

Also, Ste Gold is the coolest.

Please see click this link for a picture of the hacker

Haven’t watched yet!

March 11, 2009

About to start now.  Everyone hold your horses.  I can tell you’re all excited (81 hits since 9pm) but I’m in the middle of picking up some shit from Amy & Ste.  So hold on.


March 10, 2009

You can view the picks everyone made here.

I wanted to share some other details I didn’t put in my previous post.  First, we have 81 people in the pool.  That’s a huge payout for first place, so I hope you picked wisely.  Second, apparently we think there will be 78,112,740 votes for the Finale show.  Any lastly, here’s our order of finish (Finish, Idol, Pool Average):

1    Lil Rounds    3.16
2    Danny Gokey    3.66
3    Adam Lambert    3.91
4    Alexis Grace    4.69
5    Allison Iraheta    4.9
6    Scott MacIntyre    7.41
7    Matt Giraud    7.78
8    Jorge Nunez    8
9    Anoop Desai    8.03
10    Megan Corkrey    8.54
11    Kris Allen    9.66
12    Jasmine Murray    9.74
13    Michael Sarver    11.36

Don’t forget to cast your vote in the poll in the previous post.

**UPDATE** I just watched Adam’s performance.  He’s going to win.  I think it’s a foregone conclusion.  Fucking Paula is already crying.  Damn.  Jorge let me down.

**UPDATE TO THE UPDATE** It’s been brought to my attention that I should clarify something. Each week I will post an updated Pick sheet with the most recent points totals and standings, so it will be very easy to follow where you stand. Also, on the right side of the site, I’m going to add a Top 5 / Bottom 5 section that will be updated as well.

Quick Note on Picks

March 9, 2009

Please double check your picks before you submit them. Make sure that you’re not using any position twice. 7pm Tuesday cutoff to get your picks in. Check back tomorrow night for a new poll, quick thoughts about the first night of the Top 13, and a Pool participant recap.