Well, it’s always said that every great mastermind always Always ALWAYS!!! has an ace up his sleeve.  A bomb that he can drop at any time that completely blows your mind. Dwight Eisenhower.  Issac Newton.  Da Vinci.  Peter the Great.  Gossip Girl.  They always saved something just in case.  Well, fortunately for you, I am no different.  All year long, I’ve been sitting on a gem.  A fucking gem!  I’m not usually one to wait on something this good.  It’s actually amazing to me that I was able to keep it in my pants this long.

So, without further adieu, I present you with my Ace Up the Sleeve.  My Fucking Gem.  Elaine Sandler.


Simon says….” Adam, you’re back in the game……” Say what!? He was never out! And the nerve of Simon commenting on Adam’s first song, “Mad World”, which was his best, which Simon said all along it was, and he critiques him about his long coat and the fog…PLEEEEEEEEASE! It doesn’t really matter tho, Simon et al. basically said “goodbye” to Kris at the end cause they all know Adam is the best; not only is Adam the best in this year’s competition, in my opinion (which you all know I always have one), he’s the best in all 9 yrs – other than maybe Carrie Underwood, but he sure has a way better personality than she does! One more thing about Simon…….it’s about time he covered up his boring T-Shirt……and dressed for the occasion!

Couple of thoughts…..Not only can’t Kris hold a candle to Adam, but what’s with his crooked mouth ??  He may be cute and all, but that mouth….ugh! and Adam’s so darn handsome – don’t care what side he’s on….Other reasons Adam should/must win….he nailed Kara’s song, “No Boundaries” (which was way too big for Kris), “Mad World”, and Sam Cook’s, “The Change is Gonna Come”….he could make a record from that, which I think was his best of the season! Randy agrees with me…..All in all, the judges summed it up well….”Randy – A+,  Kara – you’re Iconic, Paula – you’re the best, and Simon – you’re the most original contestant that we have ever had on this show.

Well………”That’s All Folks”……Oh, one more thing……..should we take bets on whether or not Simon will be back next year? (He says this is his last year)….Lee, set up a voting spot on your blog….would be interesting to see what our fellow players think……

AND REMEMBER…….VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE…..for Adam, of course!  :)) and if he doesn’t win, I may have to say farewell to AI forever….GOOD LUCK, ADAM!!  Love You………..

Your Faithful Lee Schneider fan, known as “Elaine”

…and, Lee, thanks for all your work on this blog, the laughs, creativity, and most of all, you!! Til  next year……………

There you have it.  The final Guest Blog of the year.  The Final Recap.  I like to think I saved my best for last.  In case you were wondering, here are the results scenarios.

If Kris Wins:

1st – Emily Reiff, 2nd – Elyssa Slater, Dead fucking last – Elyssa “Wife” Schneider

If Adam Wins:

1st/2nd – 2 way Tie (people to be named later), Dead fucking last – Elyssa “Wife” Schneider

If Adam wins, this would be the first tie in the history of the idol pool.  I’m really fucking nervous about this.  The tie would come down to the total number of votes for tomorrow night, as indicated in the Rules Book (Article VII, Section 2, Paragrah 3, Lines 12-14).  And I just looked at the votes submitted, and either person could nail it right on.  I suppose we could have the two people that tie decided in advance that they want to split the money, but that’s the pussy way out, and I won’t have any of that shit in my pool.  Go big or go home.  Splitting is for dutch dates and suckers.


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11 Responses to “Guest Blog: MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!”

  1. Colin Bauer Says:

    While I understand the point of view espoused in this post, there are a few things I have to say:
    1) HORRIBLE last song. But between the two, Kris did it better. But still, HORRIBLE song.
    2) Kris song # 2 was better than Adam #2. Adam murdered the song in my opinion
    3) Adam had a better song to sing with Mad World than Kris did with ain’t no sunshine. But it wasn’t like adam was super original. it was a decent version of the gary jules version of Mad World.

    Finally, to call Adam Lambert the best contestant ever aside from maybe Carrie Underwood is blasphemy. Apparently someone didn’t hear of a contestant called CHRIS mother-f-ing DAUGHTRY. And David Cook has better recording potential. Put Adam back on Broadway.

    • SteGold Says:

      I agree with much of Jack Bauer’s above post. The hot-as-hell Kara wrote a horrible HORRIBLE song for the two contestants to sing, but Kris did it better. Round #3 went to Kris. Round #2 also went to Kris. But Mad World is an amazing song and Adam killed it in round 1. As “broadway” as Adam is, if he actually put together a ROCK album, he would be amazing. A mini Michael Jackson…a mixture of weird, screaming, high-pitched, not-looking-the-part rockstar. I won’t even mention their sexual predilection.

      Where I Disagree with Jack Bauer’s above post is where he says Daughtry was the best contestant ever. I think Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have proven to be the best.

      Either could win. Adam has the stage presence. Kris has the looks and a great voice but seems timid on stage. I do like his all-blonde wife/mother/cousin/niece/nanny/stepson family also.

    • leeschneider Says:

      Adam is going to win, clearly. I don’t know that Kris could even compete really. The only way Adam doesn’t win is if middle america screws it up

  2. Jess Miller Says:

    What happened to voting for Simon’s tie color as the TIEbreaker?

  3. Gelles Says:

    “No Boundaries” was a crappy song, and seemed like it was very difficult to sing. Both Kris & Adam struggled with it. Personally, I liked Kris’ version better. Either way, Adam should have this thing locked up. I was loving Adam’s version of the Sam Cooke song until he busted out the “Lambert Yell”. I know it’s his trademark, but you don’t have to scream in EVERY song. It gets old. I hope tonight’s show has some good performances. 2 hours is a long ass time to say “The next American Idol is……..Adam Lambert!”

  4. leeschneider Says:

    It has been brought to my attention that there may have been a tie two years ago in the pool. I am checking the record books to verify if this is in fact the case.

  5. Donna Sandler Says:

    Personally, I think Adam is far superior to Kris. Adam’s verson of Mad World is the best I have ever heard! Anything he records will sell. Either way he will become a MEGA recording artist after this. Kris is somewhat boring. The only thing that worries me about tonight is that Danny’s votes may go to Kris – “average america!” Let’s hope Elaine is right and ADAM is our new IDOL!!!!

    • Elaine Says:

      Thanks, Sis, for the support……you’re right, Danny’s votes went to Kris…what a sham! We all know who really is the “best”….Adam just doesn’t fit in “middle America” ….doesn’t matter, he will be a big star anyway!

  6. Colin Bauer Says:

    Oh, I in no way meant that Daughtry was the best ever. however I put him in the upper echelons. I agree that carrie was fantastic.

  7. Katie Says:

    Yes, Lee…there was a tie 2 years ago. I know because I was a part of it. But we were pussies and split the money before the tiebreaker. In all fairness, it was when the pool was really really small and there wasn’t a lot to be won anyway. And I tanked in the next 2 pools, so I got what I deserved.

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