Gokey, Kanye, Idol Gives Back

Quick Run Down of the show:

Danny, Song 1 (no idea what song this was) – fair at best

Danny, Song 2, You Are So Beautiful – I was unmoved.  The Judges loved it.

Kris, Song 1, Apologize by One Republic – I really liked it.  Thought it was just as good as the original.  Judges disagreed.

Kris, Song 2, Heartless by Kanye West – wow, i thought this was awesome.  holy shit.  I actually don’t like this song in it’s original form (maybe it’s because Kanye can’t really sing?).  Thought this was about 1,000 times better.  I think this song put him in the Top 2.  Judges agree.

Adam, Song 1, One by U2 – Starts at a crazy advantage just by the song Simon chose.  I thought he killed it.  Great job.  Clearly the front runner.

Adam, Song 2, Crying by Aerosmith – The boy is good.  I think he did Steven Tyler’s new neighbors proud.  Killed it again.

By the way, who says this blog doesn’t provide fresh, cutting edge, breaking news content?  Yeah, I didn’t think anyone said that.  Well, just in case there are a couple thousand naysayers out there, how about these Danny Gokey lookalike pictures to blow your mind.  Yeah, the guy in these pictures better hope Gokey stays on the show a little longer, otherwise his gig in the karoke bars of New York is going to be up.  Actually, he should pack up his act.  Gokey is gone this week.  The first song killed him.

Finally, just one comment on the little Idol Gives back segment featuring Carrie Underwood.  She’s hot.  Good day.


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3 Responses to “Gokey, Kanye, Idol Gives Back”

  1. SteGold Says:

    The Fray’s version of Heartless is better than Kris Allen’s version. He was good enough to get through, especially since most people don’t know he basically copied that performance from The Fray, who recently recorded that cover. I just don’t like that when Ryan asked how that arrangement came to him, he said “It just came to me.” Liar!

  2. Amelia Says:

    Kris nailed both performances tonight. Kris Allen’s second performance, Heartless, was a bit dark, a bit sexy, a bit broken, a bit assertive, a bit desperate. It was a perfect choice for him. Kris Allen for the final!

    In response to the person calling Kris a “Liar!” above/below: Randy specifically named the Fray’s version in his comment and said he prefered Kris’ version. Kris’ version was not the same as the Fray’s version at all (though it was closer to the Fray’s version than to the original).

    I didn’t care for either of Adam’s songs tonight. Too much backing instrumentation, not enough emotional connection/soul (particularly on ‘One’ where I hoped Adam would turn it into another ‘Tracks of my Tears’ or ‘Mad World’ because it has such sensitive and touching lyrics). I love Adam, he is my favorite along with Kris. But this week and last week I haven’t liked Adam’s performances at all. They were all too loud, too staged, too disconnected emotionally. And none of them had memorable tunes with a funky beat (like Black or White did, or his pre-Idol Pop Goes the Camera). Feeling Good from 3 weeks ago was a great song choice for Adam but I also felt very disconnected from him during the performance because of his white-white suit and the red staircase – and he wasn’t smiling during the performance.

    Danny Gokey, probably a nice guy, definitely can sing & has fans, but I am not a fan of his husky always-loud voice. I 1/2 liked his song choice today because it started off sweet and quiet (but then it went loud!)

  3. Arleen Smith Says:

    go amelia! u are right on the money. adam is a huge talent, but relies too much on staging, screaming & special effects. he should just sing. he starts out doing that & it’s beautiful, then ruins it with all that caterwauling. kris’s second song was amazing.

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