Whose Shit Don’t Stank?

If The Video won’t play for some reason.  click here to watch.

Mine.  Please see the following from last night:

9:34  unofficial poll: jess miller – danny is gone.  wife – kris.  ste – kris.  amy – kris.  katie – kris but hopes it’s danny.  lee – allison.  I’m taking the underdog.  50-1 odds.  that could never win.

Just like I killed it in the Derby, I killed it again last night.  Only one at the most awesome Idol party ever to get it right.

Get your Results HERE!  E2* Finally Dethroned!

***Holy shit I just watched that video and at the 1:40 mark Paula makes an appearance.  Wow.  I write this post.  Then I remember the Outkast video.  Then Paula is all up in my grill mix.  Sometimes things just come together.


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7 Responses to “Whose Shit Don’t Stank?”

  1. SteGold Says:

    Video disabled.

  2. Colin Bauer Says:

    That was ridiculous. Kris did not deserve to stay. Granted Danny’s hairy fire truck performance wasn’t much better. But really… Allison leaving? I think America got it wrong. Well, at least now Allison will be able to sing a nice going home song a la daughtry with “Home”

  3. Elaine Says:

    I was SHOCKED that Allison was sent home and NOT Kris…..he so should have been gone….there’s absolutely nothing special about him and Tues nite was his worst performance…..sometimes I think this show is rigged! Tho, as long as Adam stays, that’s all I really care about..Kris will be gone next….(I hope)…….and….I think Allison is soooooo talented! 😦

  4. Elaine Says:

    ……….and furthermore……why are you guys wearing masks!!!!!!?????

  5. Gelles Says:

    Even Kris was shocked that he was safe. That look wasn’t surprise, it was shock.

    Alison deserved to be top 2, but oh well.

  6. Paul Schneider Says:

    The thing that makes me happy this week is to see that Dr. Beth Schwartz has no chance to win anything. She made some very rude comments about our family after week 1.

    At least two of my family members have a chnace to come in last and share it the $$$$

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