Obama = Good, America = Stupid

obama8Tonight, as I was driving in the car, a news man on NPR (90.9 in Boston) said that today, ahead of Obama’s 100 Day speech, was like Christmas for the White House.  Chrysler was about to be bailed out by Fiat.  The Stock Market was up 2%.  And Obama’s budget passed.  Hell, even Arlen Spector (who I happen to think is a total ass clown) decided that now was a good time to be a Democrat.  He’s like a stock analyst that changes his rating from Sell to Buy only after the stock has gone up 1 billion percent.  (Please hold.  I forgot where I was going with this rant.  Be back in 5.)  Oh Oh Oh.  Right.  OK, so tonight everything seems to be going well for Obama.  His Q & A with the press was smashing.  Good, thoughtful answers.  You look at Obama and you think “wow, America seems to be on the right track.”  Yup, then you go and watch Idol.  It’s like an emotional rollercoaster.  You feel great after Obama, then you watch Idol and it drags you all the way down.  Hell, it’s like your car just about came off the track.  What the hell is wrong with America?  Really?  How can people think he should be in the bottom 3, let alone the bottom 2?  It’s just insane.  (Side note: I love when Paula says something is Crazy.  Yeah, that helps.)  Anyway, Adam in the Bototm 3 totally destroys and good-will that Obama spent the evening buidling up.  Ugh.  Makes me crazy.

moonOh, and now Jamie Foxx is a rapper?  Really?  I thought he was a comedian/actor?  I didn’t realize 2009 was “pick a career out of your ass year.”  In that case, I’m going to be an astronaut.  Yup, I now work for NASA.  Sorry GWK, but I figured it would be an easy jump from Investment Managment to Astrophysics.  It worked for Jamie, it’ll work for me.  See that moon up there?  Yeah, I discovered that shit.

Adios Matt (finally).  Here are your damn results.  Now I’m all worked up.


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9 Responses to “Obama = Good, America = Stupid”

  1. SteGold Says:

    Nobody said Adam was in the bottom 2. He was in the bottom 3. They don’t necessarily send the person with the MOST votes back to the safe area, right?

    Also, Jamie Foxx has been a singer and had a few platinum albums for several years now. Get with the program old man! Just because his performance tonight sucked doesn’t mean he doesnt have the #1 (and really awesome) song in America.

    • Elaine Says:

      I totally agree with Steven…..Jamie Foxx is awesome in Everything he does! For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, “Ray”, just go and you’ll see what we’re talking about – he sang ALL the songs himself and you almost couldn’t tell the the real Ray from Jaimee…..

      And I agree, it doesn’t mean Adam was the bottom 2! Tx, Steven, I feel better now……not! HE never should have been there…..

  2. Paul Schneider Says:

    I think it is time that one of your cast of characters provide us with the projected pool winners based on certain finishes by the remaining contestants.

    I want to know if I have a chance

  3. Arleen Smith Says:

    Loved this week’s blog Lee! best one ever! Made me laugh 🙂

  4. Gelles Says:

    OK…..Here is the lowdown. Adam was not in the bottom 3, 2 or anything. The producers want to make sure Adam wins American Idol. So…..they make us think he NEEDS your vote to win and tells us he is near the bottom and almost got kicked out this week! By thinking he is in danger of elimination, America is going to vote for him even more than before and even further ensure his victory. Conspiracy revealed!

    • leeschneider Says:

      it’s possible i guess. did they ever say “this is the bottom 3?” i don’t recall. i think they just said that he was in that group. but group doesn’t mean shit.

      • Elaine Says:

        Yes, they did say he was in the bottom 3, but it doesn’t mean he was number 2 bottom (did that make sense?) anyway, I agree with Gelles, we have to start voting for Adam to keep him #!, and that was a good wake up call for all of us…

        By the by, Lee, I agree with everything you say about the Obama vs. Ido thing……such a let down! I swear if Adam gets voted off, it will be the end of AI for me. And Lee, I did p_ _ _ my pants reading your blog-Lee for President!! LOL!!!!!!

  5. Marcia Schneider Says:

    I love Gelles’ take on this!!! Being the eternal pessimist, I think everything is fixed and this would definitely make sense. It even explains why Simon was so negative towards Allison-he doesn’t want her to win!! Thank you, Gelles!!

  6. thephatguy Says:

    Cracking me up man! Nice.

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