The Man In White

woody-wesley-and-perezSince it’s nearly midnight, and I’m just finishing up watching Idol (take that MJ @!), I decided to do a word association blog.  I’m going to list all the contestants, and throw down my 1 word or phrase thought for each as I watch the end of show recap.  This ought to be entertaining.

Kris – Seacrest

Allison – White Men Can’t Jump

Matt – Gone-er

Danny – SteGold

Adam – Wow


So, now that we’ve done that, let me go back and explain.

Kris – Seacrest – I thought he was dressed as though he borrowed a suit from Ryan

Allison – White Men Can’t Jump – Her voice reminds me of the chick from White Men Can’t Jump

Matt – Gone-er – I keep forgetting he’s still  in this.  Not a good thing.  He’s clearly leaving this week.

Danny – SteGold – This will be revelaed at a later time

Adam – Wow – The dude dressed in white is clearly taking this whole thing down.  Last week I thought it would be Kris that would challenge him.  This week, I tought it might be Danny.  But I just don’t think either of them has enough gas in the tank to pass Adam.

p.s.  I know this blog post kind of sucks, but it’s late, I’ve been working all day, and I don’t give a shit if you don’t piss your pants from laughter.


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4 Responses to “The Man In White”

  1. Marcia Schneider Says:

    Where might one purchase a white suit like that-all spandex and shiny??? Loved it and him!!!!

  2. Marcia Schneider Says:

    If they did, you’d already be wearing it!!

  3. SteGold Says:

    The chick from WMCJ is ROSIE PEREZ. Annoying voice. Can’t wait for the Gokey reveal! That man would KILL in a New York City karaoke bar.

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