Open Letter to Matt Giraud

Dear Matt,
If I might use this forum to offer you a few suggestions. First, congratulations on being the first person in Idol history to be saved. Not only are you screwing up my pool, but, as Simon said, you have no shot of winning the competition. So now, when America screws up (as we always do) and votes Adam off in third place, we have you to thank for him not being the one to be saved. I hope you can live with that.

So now, my suggestions. Go play the lottery. Why not? Maybe buy a scratch ticket? Make sure you get one of those Red Sox scratch tickets where you can win season tickets for life. I’m sure you’ll win, and Sully from Southie who plays every day, with money he begs for on the streets while coming off his double shift in the coal mines to support his 14 children (who are blind by the way), will have to keep watching the Sox on his 9″ black and white TV. That seems fitting. Also, I highly suggest you go try and get on the Price is Right. It’s in Hollywood, right down the street from where you are. You’re bound to get picked. You probably won’t even have to wear an old school “I Heart Bob Barker” shirt. And you’re bound to guess the actual retail price correctly. And on top of that, I’m sure you’ll get the Showcase Showdown exactly correct and win both showcases.

Just seems like that kind of day for you, huh Matt? But hey, good luck in the rest of the competition.



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12 Responses to “Open Letter to Matt Giraud”

  1. andrea katz Says:

    still think Kara is hot, lee?

  2. Marcia Schneider Says:

    Anoop Rules!!!!!

  3. SteGold Says:

    Anoop has very tall eyebrows.

  4. Donna Sandler Says:

    The judges had to use their save by the 5th pick! Next week 2 will go and that’s it – they will be down to 5!!!!! Matt will probably go off with Lil next week.

  5. an2nette30 Says:

    They can only save till next week and it’s too obvious Adam’s going to last till the finals. He deserve it because he has a talent. He might not have done very well this week but who knows, next week will be different. I am not saying and wont expect much but I hope he will last till the final 3. He’s very talented like Adam, Allison and the rest of the contestants but he hasn’t given that much credit. I won’t predict this early id I were you because Disco is pretty tough.

  6. andrea katz Says:

    will you have to make the rules up too, lee?

  7. Katie Says:

    I, too, was going to comment about how they could only save until the top 5 but it looks like 2 people beat me to it. In order to still be able to be nitpicky about Lee’s most recent post, don’t you think THIS would have been a better link to post re: The Price is Right comment you made?

  8. Katie Says:

    it seems rigged considering how underwhelmed drew carey was. and poor lady…she thought she won both since her bid was within $500. what a great show. almost as good as idol.

  9. Elaine Says:

    I’m back…..been so damn busy at work! It’s totally interferring with my social e-mails. Just 1 word for you, Lee, you’re soooo mean! Hey, and don’t be a sore loser, you’re in the bottom 3 anyway, before Matt!!hahah! Still think you’re a damn riot anyway….Besides all that, Adam is so the winner! If I didn’t enjoy watching the show so much (have no life), I would just say, “just give it to Adam”…..!!

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