Ehhy Oh Oh Ehhy

sylvio-danteOhhhhhh.  Ehhhy.  Ehhhyyyyy.

Anytime that Fox goes ahead and drops this much star power on one show, you need to have high aspirations.  I’ll be quick with my recap, as I have much more pressing things to determine, which you can find below.

Allison – OK, still prefer Aerosmith on that one.  Simon was right, she’s the only girl left that has a shot of cracking the top 3.

Anoop Dog – Bottom 3.  I’d bet my Wife on it.  And what’s up with the jacket?  It was like a varsity jacket, but a sport coat.  That was lost on me, and I just bought a pair of old school Reebok Pumps, so I’m fairly open minded.  For some reason Kara & Randy enjoyed this one.  Kara is hot.

Adam – Everyone else must feel so fucking inadequate.  They must just be shitting themselves and praying they go before him.

Matt –  Bottom 3.  Forgetable this week.  Unless the contestants are blind, I think they should shy way from the piano for the rest of the competition.

Danny Gokey – Simon has this one right.  Just disappointing.  Not enough to give the guy the boot, but I was bored.  Love the Miami Vice rolled up sport coat sleeves though.

Kris – I’m starting to think that Kris is the only one that can really give Adam a run for his money.  He’s good, his wife is cute.  Tender.  Just so tender.  Randy didn’t like it.  Kara loved it.  Proving again that’s she’s hot.

Lil – Writing this before watching her –  Bottom 3.  I just don’t think she’s got a following anymore.  OK, now I’m watching.  Yup, I was right.  I think she’s going home.  Simon had it right again.

P.S. Idol needs to get their shit together.  I missed Lil going off on Simon.  That’s just unacceptable.


This next video is what really has me up in arms.  I’m calling bull shit, but who knows.  If you read the comments after the video, people are in tears and shit.  I don’t get it.  So watch the video, come back here, and vote in my poll.  If you don’t, I’ll know, and I’ll send Silvo after your ass.



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6 Responses to “Ehhy Oh Oh Ehhy”

  1. Arleen Smith Says:

    Lee- think you’re spot on with your predictions! i should be worried cuz you’re in the bottom 5, but as they say “great minds”! thought kris had a poor performance tonight, but i still have faith. adam’s a one-note kind of guy. lots of glitz, but it’s the same every time.

  2. Gelles Says:

    Totally disapointed with my #1 pick Lil Rounds who will be eliminated this week for choosing THE WORST SONG EVER!

    Cue all the women reading this, who are thinking “I love “The Rose”, Bette Midler is amazing!” Yeah, well when you were in music class in elementary school, did you have to sing “The Rose” every day for 5 years straight because it was your music teacher’s favorite song? I didn’t think so.

    Adam was on point as always and is the clear-cut winner, no one in the competition is even in the same league.

    Anoop was very good, Quentin Tarantino is a weird dude, Matt Giraud has a weird thing on his forehead (which he didn’t have as a kid (baby picture week), Kris was boring this week, Alison rocked it out, Gokey was OK.

    Goodbye Lil

  3. Lynn Says:

    I am heading to the bottom in the pool (Lil will be tossed off this week), but in good company…Lee, E and Nana Ruth! Adam is all show and should be on broadway not AI, Gokey was boring, Kris is certainly tender and Matt lost his small edge. Anoop…surprising but he is lacking something..what do you think Marcia?

  4. andrea katz Says:

    after tonight and matt’s save, do you still think that Kara is hot, Lee?
    What were they thinking

  5. leeschneider Says:

    Yup, she’s still hot

  6. SteGold Says:

    Hot to trot.

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