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bugs-bunny-foreverFor a brief moment during the show, I thought this blog was just about going to write itself.  I could barely contain my excitement.  Unfortunately, the judges Bugs Bunnied my ass, so then I had to sit here and think of something else to blog about.  So, I figured I’d share a few thoughts and then make my predictions for tomorrow night.

First, I have no idea who got voted off last week.  That usually means they should have been gone long ago.  Second, Simon never claps.  He clapped for Danny Gokey.  That has to mean something, right?  Third, as much as I don’t value what Kara says, she is a real treat to look at.  Next to that crack whore Paula, it’s like putting Giselle next to Bridget Moynihan.  Just a different league.  Fourth, I think when the judges watch back the show, they’ll realize that Allison’s dress didn’t have as much impact as they thought.  Fifth, I don’t get why Matt was practically in the audience being swarmed by teenie boppers.  Finally, there’s such a clejackbauerar line between the top and bottom of the remaining contestants, they may as well just vote like 5 people off tomorrow night, make the show only another 4 weeks, and change “24” to like “36”, and see if Jack Bauer can make an additional 12 hours without taking a shit.

Prediction for 4/1*

Bottom 3 – Adam, Danny, Kris

Voted off  – Adam


7 Responses to “Prediction / Thoughts”

  1. SteGold Says:

    Uh oh…Elaine is gonna go apeshit on this prediction, Lee!

  2. SteGold Says:

    Lee, I am disappointed you didn’t make fun of Kara calling it Studio 57. She was off by 3 studios. But I disagree with you in judging her judging. She and Simon are the only judges who give it straight to the contestant. Randy is great but doesn’t take it seriously enough. Kara has hundreds of hit songs under her belt, is hot, and other than Simon is the closest to being correct in her judging. Why you hatin’?

    • leeschneider Says:

      There’s nothing to comment on. She’s hot, but I don’t really think she adds anything. And she can’t count/add for shit. Last week she said “i have 6 words for you” and it was like a 43 word run-on sentence.

    • leeschneider Says:

      And for all we know, they film Idol in Studio 57, so maybe she was right, and we’re all wrong.

  3. Arleen Smith Says:

    i agree with you that adam should be in the bottom 3. i still think he wails like a cat in heat, but don’t diss my kris yet! haha. & btw- i think danny rocks as well. not that anyone cares what i think!

  4. Donna Sandler Says:

    Tonight they finally got it right! How do you think Simon handled Megan’s attitude toward what he thought????

  5. Elaine Says:

    Ok, guys….now it’s my turn!

    You’re ALL crazy, especially Arlene and yes, you, Leemeister! Tho, I must say, thank you Sreven for defending my honor, no, I mean thoughts…Adam is soooo the best in the group, yes, let’s just end it now and vote him numero uno! He is original, cute, polished, has great vocals, does his own thing, and Always comes out on top! No contest………

    One last thing and I’ll shut up! I agree “again” with Steven, I think Kara is not only beautiful, she’s smart, right on, and is the only one, besides Simon that can complete full sentences!! She’s articulate and expresses her opinions very succinctly ( means clearly for those of you running to the dictionary), and is , for the most part dead on!! Plus, she has a heart!

    Until we meet again…….:)

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