The Holy Shit I Can’t Believe How Sweaty Ruben Got Week 3 Results Post

That wasn’t the only title I came up with for this post, but it just barely edged out “The Holy Shit I Can’t Believe How Bad Smokey Wants to Bang That White Chick Week 3 Results Post”  and  “The Holy Shit Stevie Wonder Is Blind and Plays the Piano and Harmonica Like a Mother Fucker and I Can’t Do Shit Week 3 Results Post.”  Barely.  Just Barely.  Anyway…

Not much to say about this show.  Again, America proved that it’s a bunch of idiots and put Matt in the Bottom 3.  And CLEARLY Scott was better than Megan.  She’s OK looking, but just not that good.  What’s wrong with everyone?

No shock with the outcome.  Michael’s no good.  Pretty much everyone in the pool had it right.  Here are the results.  Only 1 noteable move in the pool.  Stephen Greenstein dropped 46 spots.  Apparently he was hot for Michael.  Live and learn.


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4 Responses to “The Holy Shit I Can’t Believe How Sweaty Ruben Got Week 3 Results Post”

  1. Stephen Greenstein Says:

    and I didn’t even try… maybe if i did research and watched the show i would be doing better… oh well

  2. andrea katz Says:

    could someone please tell Kara it is studio 54 not 57. adam sure is entertaining. and lee, if you and elyssa end up on the bottom again, i’ll think that this pool is fixed.

  3. Erica Says:

    Ruben was sweating like Whitney Houston on crack. Now if he only had that white hankie to mop his brow…now that would be awesome!

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