A couple things…

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Deadbeat list:

  1. Leslie Rivera  – who the hell are you?  Google returned over 2 million hits, so sadly, I think Leslie will be removed from the pool.  She will forever be in our hearts.
  2. Several people, who I will not mention here, narrowly missed being named on the deadbeat list.  Last minute phone calls, emails, and checks saved your asses.

After a thourough audit, coincidentally done by the same people that AIG and Lehman Brothers had been using, I am happy to announce that the pool is financially sound.  Your money is safe, having been invested in an FDIC insured shoebox under my bed.  I have 3 guard dogs watching it at all times.


3 Responses to “A couple things…”

  1. Amy Says:

    You are a freak.

  2. Wife Says:

    Those dogs are the greatest!! I love them!

  3. Lynn Says:

    A grown man with stuffed animals and the guts to show us all…you are a freak!

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