Pool Cancelled!

Sadly, the pool is being shut down.  There’s no way that my #1 pick could get booted on the first night.  I want a fucking Florida style recount.  Until then, it’s with great sadness that I have to shut the pool down.  If I’m not in the running it’s just not worth it.  SO, peace out Jorge, peace out Jasmine, and peace out pool.  Good day.

P.S. biggest traffic day in the history of the Idol pool.  Over 300 hits today.  Shame to shut it down.


4 Responses to “Pool Cancelled!”

  1. Beth Says:

    I think we were all just anxiously awaiting the downfall of the entire Schneider family (with the exception of Amy, who once again proves herself by far the most normal Schneider). Seriously, what were you all thinking??? Did none of you know that Puerto Rico is not its own country?

  2. andrea katz Says:

    i have no life, i just keep checking this blog. Jorge to win, are you all nuts?
    and Michael Sarver is such a nice guy, watch him win. most of us had him at 13.
    what’s with that?

  3. Paul Schneider Says:

    Beth I am stunned by your comments about the Schneider family. I had to walk away from the computer before I wrote something I would regret. I will be back to you when you least expect it.

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