You can view the picks everyone made here.

I wanted to share some other details I didn’t put in my previous post.  First, we have 81 people in the pool.  That’s a huge payout for first place, so I hope you picked wisely.  Second, apparently we think there will be 78,112,740 votes for the Finale show.  Any lastly, here’s our order of finish (Finish, Idol, Pool Average):

1    Lil Rounds    3.16
2    Danny Gokey    3.66
3    Adam Lambert    3.91
4    Alexis Grace    4.69
5    Allison Iraheta    4.9
6    Scott MacIntyre    7.41
7    Matt Giraud    7.78
8    Jorge Nunez    8
9    Anoop Desai    8.03
10    Megan Corkrey    8.54
11    Kris Allen    9.66
12    Jasmine Murray    9.74
13    Michael Sarver    11.36

Don’t forget to cast your vote in the poll in the previous post.

**UPDATE** I just watched Adam’s performance.  He’s going to win.  I think it’s a foregone conclusion.  Fucking Paula is already crying.  Damn.  Jorge let me down.

**UPDATE TO THE UPDATE** It’s been brought to my attention that I should clarify something. Each week I will post an updated Pick sheet with the most recent points totals and standings, so it will be very easy to follow where you stand. Also, on the right side of the site, I’m going to add a Top 5 / Bottom 5 section that will be updated as well.


20 Responses to “**UPDATE TO THE UPDATE**UPDATE** Pool Picks”

  1. Arleen Smith Says:

    Lee- thanks for correcting my picks. watched the show for the first time this season 2nite & probably would have picked differently, but o well! so- here i am being stupid again, but please explain the oder of finish numbers to me. i’m clueless. <:?

  2. Barry Says:

    My picks suck. This pool sucks

  3. leeschneider Says:

    Don’t hate the pool, hate the show

  4. leeschneider Says:

    Scoring Review: (actual finish – your rank) squared. So, when Jorge get’s voted off tomorrow, and i had him ranked 1, I’ll get 144 points (13th place actual finish – i had him first) squared = 144. Lowest points wins.

  5. Donna Sandler Says:

    What is with the Schneider’s (thank goodness you are the smart one Amy!) and Jorge as #1!!!!

  6. andrea katz Says:

    glad you’re doing it this year, Arleen. Now you can commiserate with the rest of us. And whats with Simon changing the rules?

  7. Elaine Sandler Says:

    First of all, Lee, I totally agree with you…Adam is soooo going to win! Where was my head at? Second, Marcia, I fear for you, and 3rd, Arlene, I can’t believe who you picked for 1st place…….!

    • leeschneider Says:

      Glad to have some comment action on the blog. keep it coming everyone!

    • Arleen Smith Says:

      thought adam had a ton of talent, but was one dimensional & might burn out with the audience, but then again, i’m a virgin idol watcher- 1st time! what do i know? i based my pics on the stupid video perfomances on
      the idol website.

  8. Gelles Says:

    Due to Idol’s history of kicking off the chick with a colored-streak in her hair in the first week, I picked Alexis to go first, apparently she’s really good. Oops.

  9. Elaine Sandler Says:

    Alexis is wayyy good, tho, maybe a little over the top last nite…where have you guys been? Lee, I think you may have to start screening the people next year before you let them join…….

  10. Katie Says:

    I don’t think Adam is going to win because people with tattoos (why i didn’t pick megan) or “scandals” never win. Anyone see the pictures of Adam making out with guys at Burning Man on wwtdd.com Not long before there are more and the producers either make him go or middle america overwhelmingly takes over the vote. He’s also gonna get cocky in the middle, I can feel it. Oh, and the blind thing is gonna get old fast with Scott. Same with Danny’s dead wife, although I did put him in 2nd place. The pity thing can get old fast, people.

    (PS I am not PC)

  11. Josh Says:

    I agree Jorge disappointed but he has a whole island voting for him!! And, he and Allison get to split the Latino vote. I think Jasmine and Anoop are gone tonight…only other two possibilities I see are Scott (not Danny, Lee!) or Jorge.

    Lee: Any chance we can download everyone’s results in XLS instead of PDF? I would love to play some games with the data. Yes, I am a data-head! 🙂


  12. Josh Says:

    BTW, Dahlia & I didn’t like Adam last night and I hated his performance. I thought he made Black or White (a song with a happy message) into an angry song and he was just showboating w/o the song. But Dahlia called it right: She said they might think it was brilliant despite our distaste for it. She was right!!!

  13. katie Says:

    Also…I like Anoop and enjoyed his performance, but despite that don’t forget about the good ol’ sanjaya days–anoop isn’t going anywhere yet: Southeast Asian vote.

  14. Gelles Says:

    Interesting fact……Jasmine & Scott are the only ones that NO ONE picked to win. Everyone else has at least one 1st place vote.

  15. Megan Says:

    Ok… i’m a nurse and have plenty of sympathy for the handicapped, however all Scott is going to leave with is a couple coins in his hat! He’s got a terrible voice and we should not be enablers. I say Scott goes.

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