**UPDATE** URGENT! Top 12 Finalized Tonight!


The Top 12 13 for the 2009 Idol season will be Finalized tonight. You know what that means, right? No, it doesn’t mean I’m going to Red Lobster for dinner to celebrate. It means I’m going to be sitting on my couch, covered in sweat and booze, blogging my way to greatness. I’ll be posting where you can make your picks, where to send your loot, and instructions on how to write me into your will. You know you want to (I’m talking to you Elaine!).

**UPDATE** The idiot producers of American Idol up and decided that they need to have 13 people in the grand show.  Well, clearly they didn’t consider what that does to the alogrithim and mad Russian scientists that do the background calculations for this pool.  Nearly blew the entire thing out of the water.  Give me some time, I need to re-work some shit.  In the meantime, vote in the poll below, write your Congressman, or take a nap.  I’ll be back.


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5 Responses to “**UPDATE** URGENT! Top 12 Finalized Tonight!”

  1. Colin Bauer Says:

    My stupid DVR cut off the end of the show and I couldn’t find the final people voted in on American Idol. Google didn’t even have it. Your website is more knowledgeable than Google. That is amazing. Good luck on re-configuring the idol pool.

  2. leeschneider Says:

    Same here. Going to have to work on TiVo for the season.

  3. Joe Says:

    13 American Idol finalists? the winning circle is starting to feel a bit crowded…

  4. Lynn Green Says:

    I really can’t do worse than last year…at least I have potential to get 5% of the pool if I am dead last! The pressure is on…off on vacation on Sunday so I had to make my choices. I put all the names in a hat and drew them out..had to do it a few times to make any sense.
    Good Luck to all. I look forward to Lee’s weekly editorial 🙂

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