It’s gonna be a humdinger!

I just watched the results. Didn’t actually watch the show, pulled the old TiVo move. I don’t really like the results show. They tend to be 59 minutes of filler, and 1 minute of drama. I don’t think it’s a surprise who got the boot this week. Everyone wanted a David showdown, even the producers, as evidenced by the songs they chose for the singers. For a minute I actually thought that the producers wanted to see a David Cook / Syesha final. Archuletta’s song choice was so poor, when he goes to KFC, he has to lick other people’s fingers! (or, if you wish, insert your own “so poor” joke). Anyway, I don’t have much more to say. Elyssa can’t lose, so it looks to be a fierce battle for second place.

Here are the two possible remaining scenarios:

Win: David Cook
Place: David Archuletta
Odds: 1 to 4 (coincidentally the same odds as Big Brown winning the Preakness)
Pool Winner: Elyssa
Pool Place: Jeff Whitney

Win: David Archuletta
Place: David Cook
Odds: 7 to 5 (was going to make a poor taste Eight Belles joke here)
Pool Winner: Elyssa
Pool Place: Jess Gelles

So get your Team Jess or Team Jeff shirts!

Get your results here!


One Response to “It’s gonna be a humdinger!”

  1. Lynn Says:

    and the predictions on the last place?

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