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Bleachers Do It Better

April 30, 2008

When you can find a better version of Sweet Caroline in the bleachers at Fenway, you might be in trouble. That being said, I think the bottom 2 are Brooke and Syesha. And I think FINALLY Brooke is gone.

This one is boring, and left me wanting more:

There’s just so much more emotion here, and you didn’t hear David A. give a sick “YOOOOUUUUUKKKKK” yell at the end of his performance:


Always suspect the husband first

April 24, 2008

In every great murder mystery, you ALWAYS suspect the husband had something to do with it. American Idol is no different. For the first 2 months of the show, whenever Carly’s husband was on camera, it was from afar, with dim lighting, not for more than 1/1000 of a second. Carly sails through each week, and looks like a clear Top 3 contestant.

HOWEVER (!!!!), last night, they had a full on shot of the husband, well lit, for all of America to see. And do you know what happened next? The public blew my predictions out of the water, threw Syesha and Carly in the bottom 2, and sent Carly packing back to the land of Guinness and leprechauns. Oh well.

Since Elyssa is out of the country, we have a slight rules infraction.

The rules of the pool clearly state in section 72, line 14, paragraph A: “A pool participant must be in the US in order to be rightfully entitled to hold first place. Should a pool participant be out of the US when he/she attains first place status, the place will be awarded to the person next in the standings. Should that person be out of the US, the first place status will be awarded down the standings, until someone in the US holds the position.”

As such, congratulations to Jeff Whitney, who currently holds First Place.

Get your results here!

Pre-Results Show Results Predictions

April 24, 2008

Bottom 3 in no particular order:

Top 3 in no particular order:
David squared

Brooke goes home. Her start-stop-start shit isn’t going to fly here. Maybe in a third-world country, but not in the good old US of A. We want things done right the first time, like the war in Iraq. Zing!

Non-Live Idol Blog

April 17, 2008

9:59: 1st and 2nd, 1 down, top of the 6th. Tek at bat.

10:00: Pause the game

10:01: Menu button, Menu button, American Idol, Play

10:01: Tivo warp speed Fast Forward

10:02: Elliott Yamin performs. Not bad. He looks like Boris Said.

10:05: David A sits on the stage like he’s at an elementary school assembly.

10:06: David A, David C, Carly, Jason are safe

10:06: Syesha is safe

10:07: Brooke is safe

10:07: Kristy Lee Cook finally goes home to her horse

10:08: 1st and 2nd, 1 down, top of the 6th. Tek at bat. Ah, the joys of TiVo.

Get your results here! Quick shout to Jess Gelles. No relation to Andrew Gelles.

Bracket Buster

April 11, 2008

Shit. If that’s not an upset, I don’t know what is. Kansas over Memphis, not even close to this. I personally had him finishing first. In retrospect, I might not have gone with that. However, how can Syesha and Kristy Lee still be in and Michael Johns is not? Was it the two first names that brought him down? And I was going to give to Idol Gives Back, but since I just wiped myself out of the pool, all the money I had counted on donating seems to be no longer available to me. Britney allegedly gave $25k last night. One dollar for each time her crotch has appeared on the Internet in the past year. Also, I think her and Paula are friends.

Results here!

Yes, I am aware that both Kansas and Memphis were #1 seeds. However, if you saw how Memphis blew the end of the game (and cost me a 4th place finish in my pool), you’d have to consider the Kansas win an upset.

Idol Accounting Scandal

April 8, 2008

I’m not going to name names, but it was brought to my attention by a family member that another family member had two #4 picks. My mistake. It’s been corrected, and had no impact on the results. As soon as PriceWaterhouse is done auditing the Oscars, they’ll make their way over to this pool. Stay tuned.

In other news, check out this blog –>

Miley on Idol this week. Awesome. Perhaps her best friend Lesley will be with her.

Week 4, Manny being Manny, Gelles being Gelles

April 3, 2008

Gelles is still the best, yada yada yada. His day of reckoning will come. I’m sick of writing about Gelles. We need someone else to step up and dethrone him.

Finally, the pool got one right. We had Ramielle finishing 9th, she finished 9th. Well done.

Our Top 10 pool contestants:

Rank Name Points
1 Gelles, Gelles 4
2 Parad, Joy 8
3 Gelles, Jess 11
4 Whitney, Jeff 12
5 Greenstein, Barry 18
6 Koretz, Elyssa 20
7 Lewitt, Mike 21
8 Schneider, Paul 22
9 Schneider, Lee 23
10 Ciarelli, Eric 24

Results here!

Syesha Whitney

April 2, 2008

Every year it’s the same thing. Every year! One contestant decides “Hey, I’m hot shit, I’m going to sing that Whitney song that everyone knows only as ‘That Whitney Song'” And guess what? It never works. Ever. I was sitting on the couch with Elyssa watching the show tonight, and along comes Syesha, singing to Dolly, dreaming of being Whitney. I tell Elyssa that guaranteed, one, if not all, of the judges are going to tell her she shouldn’t have tried to sing a Whitney song. Let’s take a look at the responses…

Randy: “Alright yo, check it out yo. You took on the biggest tiger of the night…it’s still hard for me to hear anybody else sing that song.”

Paula: “That color looks great on you.”

Simon: “This is one of the best pop songs ever written, and I almost wish you hadn’t got it in a strange way. The first part was ok, the second part paled in comparison to the Whitney version.”

I think I’ve made my point. Good day.